Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Week Three: Women in Science

For our third week at Black Hawk, we focused on women in science. However, we did forget that this meeting fell on Halloween, so everyone munched on some candy as we learned about notable women like Marie Curie, Jane Goodall, and Rosalind Franklin. The attendees had recently learned about Jane Goodall in school, so they ended up teaching us about her! Then we focused on how women in STEM fields has been increasing in recent times, but how we still have lots of work to do since women are still greatly underrepresented in fields like engineering, computer science, and astronomy. We then challenged the attendees to be engineers themselves, when we conducted an "Egg Drop" experiment. With only the tools of a cup, a few cotton balls, some tissues, and tape, each person had to design a way to hold the egg in place, so that when thrown from atop a chair, it would survive the fall. We had quite a few cracked eggs, but some survived the drop! It was another exciting and fun day and we are already looking forward to next week.

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